Property Valuation

Property Valuation


The Property Valuation Unit as an integral arm of the Ministry of Lands, Housing, Settlements and Water Resource Management provides the Government of Dominica advice on all aspects of real estate including purchase/disposal of lands/lots; rentals for housing tenancies; insurance valuations of government buildings; assisting in resolving the backlog of land acquisition cases; evaluating housing estates and other land development projects; monitor and keep under review, property prices and follows closely the movement in building material costs, which underpins its duties re the valuation of buildings and lands.



The Property Valuation Unit plans to become a fully established agency/arm of government with legal status and an appropriate staff structure and place the valuation discipline in a much more favourable position where government departments will not only respect the status of a Property Valuation Unit but generally, valuation as a profession as opposed to what obtains where others feel that they can double as valuers and to put into action whatever plans government may wish to undertake including the proposed introduction of Property Taxation and/or any other proposal within its competence thereby giving effect to these decisions.

Duties Includes

  • Certify valuations for property transfer at the Registry
  • Provide government advice on all aspects of real estate: - Sale, purchase, rental, insurance and acquisition
  • Maintains a real-time property sales database which serves as a basis for preparing valuation rolls for the main housing settlements and providing realistic public sector valuations
  • Assist in resolving the backlog of land acquisitions cases
  • Evaluates housing estates and other land development projects
  • Monitors and keeps under review property prices and follows the movement in prices for building materials

Key Clients

  • Government Ministries, Departments, Divisions, Agencies and Statutory Bodies
  • Public (vet valuations for transfer fees at the Registry) including City and Urban Councils

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