Lands and Surveys Division

Lands and Surveys Division


The Mission of the Lands and Surveys Division is to provide high quality regulatory informational and managerial services and policy advice to public and private sector agencies for effective management and utilization of land resources of the State in a manner that will optimize sustainable national development.



The vision of the Lands and Surveys Division is to create a national land information management and mapping authority with the mandate and capacity to influence agricultural and industrial development throughout the rural and urban sectors of Dominica.


The responsibilities of the Lands and Surveys Division are outlined in the Revised Laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica, 2017 in the following chapters:


These laws provide the legal framework for the Divisions operations. Its responsibilities are as follows:

  • The administration of all state lands. That includes the allocation and protection of Government lands
  • The conduct of all public surveys and provision of land surveying and land information services for all government agencies/divisions
  • It is the legal custodian of all Government land records
  • As the national mapping agency, the Division is responsible for updating all maps and map sheets of the island
  • The authentication of all survey plans and surveys conducted in the state
  • The collaboration with other government agencies/divisions in providing advice and guidance on land related issues for developmental projects

Lands and Surveys Division
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