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Housing Division

Houses in Roseau


To institute policies, programmes and regulatory measures which support sustainable development through improved infrastructure in Housing and Lands.

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Lands and Surveys Division


The Mission of the Lands and Surveys Division is to provide high quality regulatory informational and managerial services and policy advice to public and private sector agencies for effective management and utilization of land resources of the State in a manner that will optimize sustainable national development.

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Property Valuation


The Property Valuation Unit as an integral arm of the Ministry of Lands, Housing, Settlements and Water Resource Management provides the Government of Dominica advice on all aspects of real estate including purchase/disposal of lands/lots; rentals for housing tenancies; insurance valuations of government buildings; assisting in resolving the backlog of land acquisition cases; evaluating housing estates and other land development projects; monitor and keep under review, property prices and follows closely the movement in building material costs, which underpins its duties re the valuation of buildings and lands.

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