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About Us

Our responsibilities

The mandate of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development is governed by various legal instruments including the State Lands Act, Chapter 53:01 (PDF, 764 KB) and Land Acquisition Act, Chapter 53:02 of the 1990 Revised Laws of Dominica among others.  It is the machinery of Government with responsibility for monitoring and coordinating activities with respect to housing, land  settlements and water resource management.  The Ministry  also plays a critical role in facilitating major development projects for economic growth and private sector development.  In order to successfully implement its work programme, collaboration with governmental and private sector agencies is very important.


To institute policies, programmes and regulatory measures which support sustainable development  through improved infrastructure in  housing, lands and water resources.


To be an efficiently managed government department which facilitates appropriate development in housing, lands, settlements and water resources for the holistic development of the country.

Description and organisational structure

The Ministry comprises a number of functional units, namely:- Housing Division,  Lands  & Surveys Division,  Property Valuation Unit and Administration and  Policy Formulation.  The Dominica Water & Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) also falls under the purview of the Ministry and together these entities contribute to the overall  attainment of the Ministry's goals and objectives.

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